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Cannot increase BALSETCNT, Virtual Addressing?

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The Question is:

I'd like to increase the BALSETCNT since I recognize high swapper activity even
 if there is 40% of memory available. Swapper is consuming a lot af valuable
 CPU resources.
But obviously I cannont increase up to the desired value, since it would make
 my System unbootable (which i already experienced by manually changing the
Does anybody know some rules of thumb to set BALSETCNT, WSMAX and
 VIRTUALPAGECNT in accordance without making my system unbootable? I have 512
 MB of physical memory available.
Regards and Thanks for your help!
Manfred Ruehrnessel

The Answer is :

  Please see topics including (2472), (7188), (7160), and (2869).

answer written or last revised on ( 18-MAR-2002 )

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