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The page cannot be displayed? (FTP)

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The Question is:

When I FTP using MS I.E. browser, I receive an error.  This is due to the fact
 that directories appear as links in the following format:
FLDVWZIP.DIR;1          32/35         14-JAN-2002 12:55:24  [SYSTEM]
Clicking on a this directory link will display an error page in I.E.  Netscape
 will display a directories this way:
Both links are underlined but I cannot show it in this text box.  Is this an
 incompatibility problem between VMS and I.E.?  I.E. will display UNIX files
 OK.  Is there a work-around? I've searched the Microsoft site and have not
 found any reference to this
Thank you.
Carlos Brens

The Answer is :

  The most obvious workarounds involve either acquiring an RFC-compliant
  FTP client (as this could easily be a problem with the FTP client
  involved here), or potentially configuring the IP stack on OpenVMS to
  use the UNIX container file support and thus bypass the apparent bug
  in the FTP client.  Also please check with the FTP client vendor, and
  determine if an update is available.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-APR-2002 )

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