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OpenVMS SMB Client? Access NT Server Files?

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The Question is:

I can via Pathworks map a shred directory on my Alpha server (MANGO::) .   I
 would like to know if it is possible (if so, HOW ?) to map a shared folder on
 a PC (Win2000) to a device or directory on the Alpha server.  So that when I
 wrote something to MANG
O:: dua3:[maptest] it would actually be writing that file to a shared folder on
 a win2000 PC ......?

The Answer is :

  No SMB client is available for the Advanced Server package and for
  OpenVMS, so the answer is no.  If you wish to use another protocol
  with a client available -- NFS, for instance -- you can access the
  Alternatively, Vector Networks offers the LanUtil product:

answer written or last revised on ( 17-APR-2002 )

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