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BACKUP /IMAGE, file selection operations?

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The Question is:

I'm trying to run an image backup while at the same time exclude certain file
 extensions. However, it still processes the file I've asked it to exclude.
The documentation says that you can not use /EXCLUDE with an image RESTORE, it
 does not say that you can't use it with an image BACKUP.
Is it that you can not use it with either?
Thank you for your time,
Allen Rongone

The Answer is :

  Within the BACKUP /IMAGE documentation, you will find the following:
    "In save and copy operations, you cannot use input file-selection
    qualifiers with the /IMAGE command qualifier because BACKUP saves
    or copies all files on the input disk volumes."
  Put another way, /EXCLUDE makes no sense in conjunction with /IMAGE.
  The former qualifier is intended for file-oriented BACKUP operations,
  while the latter qualifier is for operations on the disk volume.
  If you choose to use /IMAGE, you might want to mark any files you
  want to exclude as NOBACKUP.  These files will still have their headers
  present in the BACKUP saveset, but the file data will not be copied.
  Please follow the documentation and the examples in the BACKUP manual.
  The examples and the documentation provide the usual commands and the
  usual operations that are expected.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-APR-2002 )

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