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Debugging Bogus Return (Condition) Values?

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The Question is:

I have been unable to track down the required documentation for the following
 error message
%RMS-?-NOMORELOCK, no more locks
This was returned during a debugging session of a database engine running a
 front end sql query.
I obtained the following from another site,  where can I find this on COMPAQ
 sites/search paths
 no more locks
 Explanation:  No lkid argument  was  specified,  or  the  caller
 requested  a wildcard operation by specifying a value of 0 or -1
 for the lkidadr argument.  The service that provides information
 about locks, however, has exhausted the locks about which it can
 return information.  This is an alternate success status.
 User Action:  No action is required.
This was at url:

The Answer is :

    RMS does NOT return the error status NOMORELOCK.
    There is a system service return status SS$_NOMORELOCK = 2568 = %x0A08.
    This would be a WARNING
    If you combine that with the RMS Facility code %x010000 then the
    system will generate : %RMS-W-NOMORELOCK, no more locks
    You show %RMS-?-NOMORELOCK. The -?- suggests to me that the lower 3
    bits do no map onto a valid severity (SUC, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL)
    You might actually be interpreting a piece of string <CR><LF>as error:
    $ write sys$output f$mess(%x010a0d)
    %RMS-?-NOMORELOCK, no more locks
    Good luck in debuggin the application.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-APR-2002 )

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