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Support and Future for OpenVMS?

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The Question is:

It is said that open VMS system is getting obsolete & in future support for VMS
 systems will not be available.Is it true? Should we go for open VMS systems
 for SCADA applications?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard certainly expects that other vendors would wish
  you to believe this.
  HP is committed to providing OpenVMS support for the foreseeable
  future, has continuously published extensive roadmaps, and is presently
  porting OpenVMS itself to Intel Itanium Processor Family platforms.
  Details and pointers and roadmaps are referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  OpenVMS maintains outstanding realtime capabilities, and as such remains
  an outstanding platform for Supervisory Control And Data Acquistion
  (SCADA) applications.  OpenVMS systems controls roughly ninty percent of
  the world's semiconductor manufacturing, among other industrial uses.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-MAY-2002 )

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