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Keystroke Monitoring?

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The Question is:

Without using a third-party product, how would it be possible to turn on
 keystroke logging of a particular user's account from either another account
 or from within that user's login.com?

The Answer is :

  Without using an existing third-party package for this purpose, you
  would have to write your own kernel-mode logging tool and insert it
  into the terminal driver stack.  Indirect means for logging user
  input -- such as using SET HOST/LOG or using an out-board logging
  tool or network monitor -- are obviously possible, of course.
  Put another way, Compaq does not offer a keystroke-logging tool for
  For information on available software packages, please see the
  application software catalog referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  If you wish to receive notifications of security-relevent events,
  you can use the integrated security auditing and security alarm
  capabilities of OpenVMS, enabled via ACL, via the /FLAG=ACNT setting
  on the user UAF entry, or via the SET AUDIT command.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-APR-2002 )

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