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DECserver, LAT, MOP configuration?

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The Question is:

I think I'm close, but I'm lost in documentation
sets circles!  So I feel like I've climbed the mountain to ask: Can the wizard
 help me?
If any of the above is correct then the node
would be "a90L" in the LCP Creat port/node=
a90L  ?  that I would define in MCR NCP, or am
I way off track?
p.s. I have lots of PrintServer 17/600 working
beautifully on this AlphaServer with DCPS 2.0
and LPS 5.2!  but I want these 2 serial
printers to work off the 90L+'s for FMS
print screen application reasons.

The Answer is :

  Please start with (3041).  Also please see topics including
  (3086), (22), (40), (80), (166), (1051), (1571), (2852),
  (5939), (6707), and others.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-APR-2002 )

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