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Meaning of File Identification? (FID)

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The Question is:

Hello wizard
what's the meaning of FILE_ID
what does each number describe?
where can I get more info about that?

The Answer is :

  The File Identification (FID) value is a value assigned to each
  file on a disk volume.  The value is intended to be unique across
  all files on a volume, and is further intended to be relatively
  unique across the life of the disk volume.  Effectively, the FID
  is a storage address for the meta information for the file.
  Details on the internal organization of the FID and on the general
  (low-level) operations and interfaces for the file system processing
  code -- the XQP -- are included in the OpenVMS I/O User's Reference
  Manual, part of the OpenVMS documentation set.  Please see the section
  on the ACP-QIO interface, and specifically the information on the File
  Information Block (FIB) data structure.  Also please see the index of
  the OpenVMS System Manager's Manual for details on the disk structure
  -- this manual includes a section describing the FID.
  To find topics of interest in the OpenVMS documentation, please first
  familiarize yourself with the OpenVMS Master Index -- in this case,
  the Master Index contains references to "File identification", which
  will point to the documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2002 )

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