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Resolving COPY invalid login? (INVLOGIN)

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The Question is:

For a number of years we have been running an in-house finance application that
 generates hard copy orders by opening a file on a LAT device (LTAXXX:) writing
 to it, and then closing it.
We have recently undergone some relocations and now the order printer is in an
 area with no LAT, and has had to be configured to print using a Lantronix
 Printer Server.  The Print Server is working fine, and normal printing via a
 VMS queue using TELNETSYM
 works ok.  our finance people really want to print some orders but I can't
 figure out what device to tell our developed to open/close their print file

The Answer is :

  "SYSTEM-F-INVLOGIN, login information invalid at remote node".
  This error indicates the remote node is rejecting the login.
  You must alter the security on remote node to accept the login, or
  you can specify a valid login username and password for the remote
  node on the COPY parameter containing the remote node specification.
  Once you resolve this, you can consider using a spooled device,
  possibly via a dedicated telnet port -- the creation of a telnet
  port for this purpose is covered in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked
  Questions (FAQ) topic on "reverse telnet".
  The following sequence shows how to create and configure a LAT
  terminal device for spooled (remote) access, the sequence shown
  here is similar to that needed for spooling a telnet device:
$! Edit these two lines for the printer information
$printer_name = "ORDER_PRINTER"
$print_queue = "ORDER_PRINT"
$! Foreign command
$latcp := $latcp
$! Check to see if this has already been done
$if .not. f$getdvi(printer_name,"EXISTS")
$!   Create the dummy LTA device with a local logical name
$    latcp create/port/application/logical=(NAME='printer_name')
$!   Verify that the creation worked
$    if .not. f$getdvi(printer_name,"EXISTS") then goto error_exit
$!   Promote the logical name into the SYSTEM table in EXECUTIVE mode
$    define/system/exec/trans=conc 'printer_name' 'f$trnlnn(printer_name)'
$    deasign/process 'printer_name'
$! Now spool the device
$set device/spooled='print_queue' 'order_printer'

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2002 )

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