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GCT Minor Revision Mismatch?

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The Question is:

What does this mean ? I could not find a sysgen param named GTC, and I also
 search the system error messages guide.
thanks in advance for your time, Patty

The Answer is :

  Please ignore the %SYSBOOT-I-GCTMINOR message.
  Though a common source of confusion and concern, this GCT -- this
  is the OpenVMS Galaxy Configuration Tree -- message is entirely
  informational and is completely harmless.
  Bootstrap messages concerning finding a more recent (minor) revision
  of the GCT than was expected can and should be ignored.
  The OpenVMS bootstrap has expected to find a specific version of the
  GCT, and has found a slightly newer revision.  As the major version
  number of the GCT has not changed from that expected, the GCT data
  structures are entirely upward-compatible.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2002 )

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