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DEC 2000 console SCSI error?

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The Question is:

System was running perfectly for months and then it hung up. I tried to reboot
 it via SRM as follows:
Power ON
SRM starts tests
MEM    ok
NI     ok
SCSI   ??  06  0050
It won't boot up. I am struggling to find the
meaning of this error message in the manuals,
on the web, etc, unsuccesfully. I tried also
to remove many devices from the scsi bus with
no luck. So, please, dear Wizard, would you
help me to understand the error message ?
I appreciate your kind answer with a carbon copy
to: lgemedia@fnal.gov
Thanks in advance,
Luiz Emediato

The Answer is :

  The DEC 2000 series platform is supported by specific OpenVMS Alpha --
  the DECpc AXP 150 series is not officially supported, and may or may
  not have the appropriate hardware configuration for use with OpenVMS.
  In particular, there are specific requirements on the firmware revision
  of the SCSI controller; a firmware revision that is required by OpenVMS.
  OpenVMS support for the DEC 2000 series platform is also being retired,
  and OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1 is expected to be the last release with support
  for both the DEC 2000 model 300 and the DEC 2000 model 500 series.
  As for the error, the console subsystem is reporting a failure in the
  SCSI subsystem.  The failure could involve the SCSI controller, a
  failure in the SCSI bus cabling, incorrect SCSI termination, a failure
  in one or more SCSI devices, an over-long SCSI bus, SCSI addressing
  collision, or any of various other factors.  This could also be a
  failure on the system module.  (There is unfortunately no particular
  way to specifically isolate the error reported here, as physical access
  to the system is generally required to further troubleshoot the error.)
  Please contact your hardware service organization for assistance.
  If you require formal notifications or formal responses to your questions,
  please contact the Customer Support Center directly -- the OpenVMS Ask The
  Wizard Wizard area is not in a position to supplement or to replace the
  services that are available from and that are provided by the Customer
  Support Center.  (The OpenVMS Wizard has endeavored to clearly state this
  in the text that is displayed when you posted your question, albiet
  apparently unsuccessfully.)

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAY-2002 )

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