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BACKUP and disks marked /NOUNLOAD?

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The Question is:

When performing a backup on a TZ89 housed in a TL891 when the backup needs to
 continue on to a second tape, the device unloads the tape but does not grab
 the second tape.  I am attaching my setting of the device.Magtape
 OMEGA$MKC600:, device type TZ89, is
 online, record-oriented device.
I have a strong feeling (and cannot find docuementation) the setting telling
 the system "nounload on dismount" is causing my problem.
    file-oriented device, available to cluster, error logging is enabled,
    controller supports compaction (compaction  disabled).
    Error count                    0    Operations completed          173181679
    Owner process                 ""    Owner UIC                      [SYSTEM]
    Owner process ID        00000000    Dev Prot            S:RWPL,O:RWPL,G:R,W
    Reference count                0    Default buffer size                 512
    Density                  unknown    Format                        Normal-11
    Host name                "OMEGA"    Host type, avail AlphaServer 8200 5/625,
  Volume status:  no-unload on dismount, beginning-of-tape, odd parity.

The Answer is :

  Please use the REPLY command to tell BACKUP to continue; this sequence
  should be generating operator communications messages.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAY-2002 )

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