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COBOL Compiler Access Violation?

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The Question is:

I'm portabilizin a Cobol application from VAX to ALpha machine.
I'd searched about this error at ask support-related questions, and I saw that
 The Cobol compiler fails with the access violation resulting in a large number
 of source lines, aproximately 70,000 or more; I proceded like is writing at
 workarounds using "/n
odebug /check=perform" and I changed routines to have only one Cobol "Exit
 Program", at this moment was right, but when I'm executing the program; it
 slowdown the performance.  I'd like to know why the performance decrease,
 cause at VAX machine it takes s
omething 10 minutes and on Alpha it takes aproximately 1 hour, I'd noted that
 this procedure takes only Direct I/O; so I added at the parameters of the
 account that use this procedure inside the Authorize application
 (Biolm/Diolm/Astlm), but the performan
ce takes the same time.
 I'd looked about the Cobol version 2.7  corrected the problems about the
 qualifier /optimize.  Is it true??

The Answer is :

  COBOL V2.6 is no longer supported.
  Please upgrade to the current release of COBOL, and please also apply
  the current COBOL RTL ECO (COBOLAE1027ECO2, as of this writing) for
  the OpenVMS release in use.  Please also apply the mandatory ECO kits
  for OpenVMS itself.
  COBOL V2.7 includes performance improvements in the area of Direct I/O
  (DISPLAY), as detailed in the V2.7 release notes.
  For information on debugging access violations (ACCVIO errors) in
  application code -- rather than problems within the COBOL compiler or
  its supporting routines, as is the case here -- please see various
  previous ACCVIO discussions here in the Ask The Wizard area.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAY-2002 )

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