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Older TCP/IP Services telnetsym print stall?

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The Question is:

I noted in your readme file for that there was a
fix to UCX$TELNETSYM.EXE to correct a printing issue that we are still seeing
 in UCX version 4.2 - this is a critical problem that is keeping us from
 converting from LAT to TCPIP.
PLEASE HELP!  (From what I can see with a SH LOGICAL command, we do not have
 the UCX$TELNETSYM_IDLE_TIMEOUT logical defined, yet we are definitely having a
 problem in which print queues stall for 3 minutes between jobs.)
I copied this item directly from the readme
file TITLE: DEC TCP/IP] UCXALP_E10041 TCP/IP V4.1 ECO Summary
"snip" ECO E  3-JAN-1997      Alpha and VAX
If the UCX$TELNETSYM_IDLE_TIMEOUT logical name is defined, the first job goes
 through successfully but the next one hangs and the queue stalls.  This
 problem was introduced in ECO 3."end snip"

The Answer is :

  Please upgrade to a more current TCP/IP Services release.
  If you must remain on this older TCP/IP Services release -- and now
  unsupported, on OpenVMS releases V7.* -- please apply the most recent
  ECO kit for the TCP/IP Services package.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAY-2002 )

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