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UNIX Command Shell (csh) on OpenVMS?

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The Question is:

In a presentation I saw from some Compaq engineering reps about 18 months ago,
 we were told that an upcoming capability was to be able to run Unix C-shell
 scripts under VMS. Since this capability would greatly simplify our
 cross-platform maintenence issue
s, I'd like to know the status of it.

The Answer is :

  GNV and bash are available as part of the DII COE releases and are
  expected to be provided in parallel with the OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1
  release -- for information and presentations and the OpenVMS roadmap,
  please see the OpenVMS website.  Also please see the GNV website.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would tend to encourage selection and use of one
  particular (and obviously also hopefully common) UNIX command shell,
  or the use of Python, Perl, or other scripting language -- there are
  a number of UNIX shells available, and the prefered shell may or may
  not be available on any particular platform.
  The bash shell is, of course, a variation of the bourne shell and not
  the csh (C shell).  tsh and other shells are also available.
  Current OpenVMS releases also include better handling of UNIX file
  specifications, with additional updates to this support expected in
  OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAY-2002 )

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