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The Question is:

I am currently in a directory on VMSSRV$DKB500, which is an ODS5 disk.
I am logged on as SYSTEM.
If i enter the command "sho dev d", I see (amongst other output):
Device          Device   Error  Free   Trans Mnt
Name            Status   Count  blocks Count Cnt
VMSSRV$DKB500:  Mounted  0      5768580 1    1
so I am clearly mounted on the disk, yet when i try and install the Compaq
 Secure Web Server (tomcat), PCSI tells me it cannot locate VMSSRV$DKB500.
help, and tia.

The Answer is :

  See the PRODUCT commands, and specifically PRODUCT REGISTER.
  Also please see the OpenVMS FAQ section on changing the node name,
  as an incorrect node name change can cause related problems.
 INVSPIDST1,  destination device is not mounted or does not have an
              associated logical volume name
  Facility:     PCSI, POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility
  Explanation:  The POLYCENTER Software Installation utility uses the logical
                volume name associated with a mounted device to record the
                destination device of an installed product in the product
                database. When a device is mounted, the MOUNT utility assigns
                a logical name to the device. By default, the equivalence
                string of this logical name is of the form DISK$volume-name,
                but you can specify any string as an optional parameter on the
                MOUNT command. The destination device you specified for the
                PRODUCT command using either the /DESTINATION qualifier or the
                logical name PCSI$DESTINATION refers to a device that either
                is not mounted or does not have an associated logical volume
  User Action:  If the device is not mounted, mount it and reenter the
                command. If the device is mounted, dismount it and remount it
                to recreate the logical volume name. You can view the logical
                volume name for a mounted device by entering the following DCL
                  WRITE SYS$OUTPUT F$GETDVI("device-name","LOGVOLNAM")

answer written or last revised on ( 22-MAY-2002 )

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