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Cluster Storage Hardware Options?

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The Question is:

We are currently restructuring our current Vax system and need to know whether
 the star coupler will be supported or still available in conjunction with the
 HSZ80 or whether there is a more viable route to follow. I am replacing 5 Vaxs
 with 4 Alphas and n
eed all systems to backup each other so i need the cluster hardware capability
 and coupler to access my disk farm.

The Answer is :

  For support options, requirements, and contractual information and
  commitments, please contact your hardware service organization directly.
  For pre-sales information and assistance, please contact your HP reseller
  or your HP representative.
  OpenVMS Engineering has no plans to remove the software that is required
  for use with the CI -- your question, however, more directly involves
  hardware and hardware support plans.
  The Star Coupler itself is a passive device, and it is central to all
  CI (Cluster Interconnect) configurations.  CI bandwidth is typically
  quoted at 70 megabits per second, dual-channel -- and this obviously
  assumes you have CI controllers capable of dual-channel operations.
  Fibre Channel is the expected storage for mid- and high-end clustering
  configurations, and it specifically targets hardware of more recent
  vintage than VAX systems.  Fibre Channel storage controllers include
  the HSG and HSV series controllers.
  HSZ controllers are SCSI-based controllers and SCSI-based configurations
  are common within low-end configurations and as auxilliary and direct or
  local-access storage for mid- and upper-end systems.  HSZ and SCSI
  host-to-host interconnects may or may not be suited to your environment
  and sufficient for your requirements -- without details on the storage
  configuration and requirements, the OpenVMS Wizard cannot provide
  particular specifics here.
  While CI adapters are available, it may be more expedient and cheaper
  to reconfigure over to and to use newer storage.  Given you have CI and
  VAX storage, you likely have older and slower and smaller storage --
  again, it may well be easiest to simply serve the newer storage to the
  VAX systems.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-MAY-2002 )

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