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Third-party Software? (Oracle)

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The Question is:

When we want to backup the database, and no matter we use Oracle on-line backup
 or off-line backup, the data didn't be backup to tape.
The Oracle Database data file is 4 GB size, but if we want to backup the
 datafile to tape, the command will be finished in very short time, maybe only
 1 minutes. We check the backup tape data, the data seem to be only backup the
 datafile header.
So we don't know what happen in the backup command.

The Answer is :

  Please ask Oracle for assistance and recommendations here.
  The interlocks that you are overriding were implemented for a
  reason, and not simply to force you to enter /IGNORE=INTERLOCK.
  By ignoring the interlocks, you are explicitly permitting data
  inconsistencies to occur within the BACKUP contents.
  Your OpenVMS Alpha release is woefully out of date, and the
  OpenVMS Wizard STRONGLY encourages you to upgrade to V7.1-2,
  V7.2-2, or to current.  Please move off this and off any other
  hardware release as soon as a subsequent non-hardware release
  is available.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-MAY-2002 )

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