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AUTOSTART on TelnetSym queues?

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The Question is:

Hello wiz,
Is it possible to create AUTOSTART queues with devices using the TELNETSYM? We
 have numerous IP printers and would like to have failover using the autostart
 feature.  I have looked around for info but only see support for the /ON
Below is an excerpt from the doc's for TCPWARE where they seem to do it through
 the use of logicals.
Autostart Queue
You can set up an autostart queue on a node that automatically starts up again
 after it stops. You can also set up such a queue to autostart on other
 failover nodes.
Starting an autostart queue requires the /AUTOSTART_ON qualifier for the
 INITIALIZE/QUEUE command. Since you cannot use /AUTOSTART_ON together with the
 /ON qualifier to initialize a terminal server print queue, you need to define
 the TCPWARE_TSSYM_qname l
ogical for this purpose. This logical defines the parameters normally set with
 the /ON qualifier.
The format of the logical definition is:
DEFINE/SYSTEM TCPWARE_TSSYM_qname "host,port[,option...]"
The format of the /AUTOSTART_ON qualifier (use the parentheses when specifying
 multiple nodes):
Example 15-3 shows a typical command sequence to define the TCPWARE_TSSYM_qname
 logical, initialize and start up an autostart queue (QUEUE1) on two nodes, and
 enable autostart on these nodes. You can also add the commands to your startup
 command procedure
.. Note that there are two nodes: NODE2 can be a failover node in case NODE1
 goes down.
Example 15-3
Command Sequence to Set Up an Autostart Queue

The Answer is :

  TCP/IP Services includes enhancements in this area for LPD, though
  client queues will not yet autostart.
  Pending that, continue to use the traditional mechanisms to start
  the queues.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JUL-2002 )

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