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Powerhouse on NFS Disk Volume?

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The Question is:

Have setup an NFS device where the UNIX node is serving the device to the VMS
 node  I can create files on that device but when we run a powerhouse program
 which creates the file using powerhouse it comes up with the following message:
Executing request TIMESHEET_EQUAL_ROU ...
Data access error. (VP_OR_HEADER)                                          [1]
Action Taken: Run terminated.
%RMS-F-WER, file write error
   File:  VP_OR_HEADER
%SYSTEM-E-UNSUPPORTED, unsupported operation or function
   File:  VP_OR_HEADER

The Answer is :

  So the Powerhouse application is running on OpenVMS, but is reporting
  errors and is not functioning as expected when the target disk is
  remote-mounted via NFS?
  The most obvious immediate solution: don't do that.
  Since that answer is unlikely acceptable, you will need to contact
  the support organizations for Powerhouse and for HP TCP/IP Services
  -- expect to be asked to upgrade, as the TCP/IP release that is
  current as of this writing is V5.3, the V5.0A release is somewhat
  dated -- and approach this through formal support channels.  (The
  resolution of this could potentially require a non-trivial research
  If you wish to see what RMS operation is failing, you might well
  be able to spot it using the (undocumented; CMEXEC or CMKRNL
  required) commands SET WATCH/CLASS=ALL FILE and /CLASS=NONE.
  These commands can be invoked on OpenVMS, and might be able to
  show what operation(s) are failing.
  There are applications which are incompatible with NFS-served
  disks.  This may well be one.  (The organization supporting
  Powerhouse may be familiar with the file write error seen here
  with this NFS volume, or this may be a new or previously unseen
  problem.  Further, the organization supporting Powerhouse will
  know if the package is expected to operate on an NFS volume.)

answer written or last revised on ( 28-MAY-2002 )

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