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MicroVAX console (hardware) error?

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The Question is:

What driver supports the 8 port async serial board (DHW42??) in a MicroVAX
 3100? I see only three TT devices if I do a $sho device. What is the device
 name shown by VMS when this device is active?
At the console (boot) prompt, sho ver displays KA41-E V1.1C6-17B-V6.2-263.
This computers model is: DV31DTA-AA. I believe this to be a 3100 model 10e.
The machine also shows errors at power on:
?  C 0080 0000.4001
?? 1 00C0 0011.700E
I understand that the "C" error relates to the serial controller and the "1"
 error to the network interface. The network interface is not connected,
 causing the error shown. I do not know how to interpret the serial error code.
Thank you in advance!

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware support organization -- your console
  is indicating one fatal and one non-fatal hardware error.  (These
  errors are not OpenVMS errors -- without functional hardware, the
  packaging of the device drivers for this device (in OpenVMS) is
  largely immaterial.)
  If you wish to perform self-maintenance, details and diagnostics
  and documentation are available from the Assisted Services program,
  please see the FAQ for pointers.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-MAY-2002 )

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