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FTP Transfer Verification? (take II)

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The Question is:

What is the best way to verify the FTP was completely successful?
ref: post on March 2002 - how does using COPY/FTP make a difference?

The Answer is :

  The topic apparently referenced in the question is probably (7554).
  (As older topics are updated, the date references can and will change.
  This is the reason why the OpenVMS Wizard will refer to the topic
  number; the value in parenthesis.  This value does not change, and
  thus uniquely identifies the discussion.)
  COPY/FTP is a DCL command, and this makes basic DCL operations FAR
  easier.  This includes checking the DCL symbols $status and $severity,
  and access to DCL symbol substitutions.
  Please review the OpenVMS User's Guide for an introduction to DCL
  programmining, and error handling and related topics.
  As was also stated in the reply to (7554), please move to current
  revisions.  Neither OpenVMS Alpha V7.1 nor the release of TCP/IP
  Services likely in use here are supported versions -- there have been
  a number of updates and ECOs to the products, and use of current
  revisions is strongly encouraged.  There have been updates in the
  area of FTP error handling within TCP/IP Services, as well as fixes
  and updates to various components of OpenVMS.
  FTP itself is only as reliable as the network link, and tools such
  as the HP FTSO package have been layered onto FTP to better provide
  for tracking and restarting and managing (typically rather larger)
  FTP-based file copy operations (or FTP operations in unstable IP
  environments).  FTSO is a service package, and not a standard product.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-MAY-2002 )

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