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Remote/Network Printing Tutorial?

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The Question is:

I am currently trying to retire a DECserver 90L+ and transfer the terminal and
 printer devices to a DECserver 90m.
I have the Access Server Manager software installed on a NT 4.0 PC and have
 configured the ports on the 90m for the terminals which seem to be logging
 into VMS satisfactorily. I have tried to configure the rest of the ports for
 our printers but I am unsur
e what to do next.
Reading through what manuals we have I assume that I will have to edit the
 LAT$SYSTARTUP.COM file to assign the ports on the 90m and then edit the print
 queues to change the port they will print to but I do not know how to get VMS
 to recognise the 90m so
I can assign the ports.
Any help that you could provide would be very appreciated.

The Answer is :

  For LAT, search for previous discussions of LAT$SYSTARTUP here,
  and search the OpenVMS documentation for discussions of LAT
  printers, and read the comments in LAT$SYSTARTUP.TEMPLATE.
  In general, there are several steps involved in setting up a
  remote printer.  Set up the LAT or IP network device to accept
  the incoming LAT or IP connection.  This can include assigning
  (or determining) the device name or device address, and -- if
  the network connection can provide for more than one printer --
  the particular printer port.
  Set up the printer itself, if the network controller or DECserver
  or terminal server or JetDirect is separate from the printer.
  Set up the host software with the LAT or IP specification for
  the target device.  With LAT, use LAT$SYSTARTUP to create a LT
  device and aim a standard terminal print queue and the standard
  print symbiont at the device.
  With IP, use TCP/IP Services or third-party IP stack to configure
  the print symbiont for the target port.
  With Postscript printers, you must load and configure the DCPS
  Configure the device control library, if required.
  Start the queue, and set up SYSTARTUP_VMS to start the queue on
  Documentation on these steps include the various discussions here
  in Ask The Wizard -- there are numerous discussions -- and the
  OpenVMS System Management documentation (for LAT and basic print
  queue operations), and the TCP/IP Services documentation for
  details on IP.  If DCPS is involved, the product documentation
  will be of interest.
  The key IP printing topic here in Ask The Wizard is (1020).

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAY-2002 )

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