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The Question is:

Are the above commands supported?.  I have a situation where a program relies
 upon the logical-name of SYS$BATCH existing and pointing to a queue called
 SYS$BATCH (!).  I've created the logical-name as shown above (using both
 methods)...however, if I do
$ SHOW LOG SYS$BATCH (ie using an explicit name), there are nine second-level
 translations all showing "SYS$BATCH = SYS$BATCH"...yet, when I do $ SHOW LOG
 without explicitly stating "SYS$BATCH" logical-name, only ONE translation is
 shown for SYS$BATCH!!.
Does the multiple level of translations mean that I may encounter a
 problem?...nb: the program works ok, but I just want to be sure that the
 method is supported.
I have all the latest-shipping patches loaded.  This behaviour occurs in VMS
 7.1, too.

The Answer is :

  Anything performing an iterative translation of a self-referenctial
  logical name would fail, and the OpenVMS Wizard CANNOT recommend use
  of or dependence on this behaviour.  Most anything could break.
  If you wish to (correctly) use this, you will want to set the
  following attribute:
     TERMINAL   Logical name translation should terminate with
                the current equivalence string; indicates that
                the equivalence string should not be translated
  Please consider use of another queue name, or please use another
  implementation, please use a generic (feeder) queue, or most anything
  that avoids this questionable (at best) configuration.
  Alternatively, PATCH the image -- replace the reference to the
  SYS$BATCH logical name.  (For details on PATCH on OpenVMS Alpha,
  please see the OpenVMS FAQ.)

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JUL-2002 )

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