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Configuration Management? Installed Software?

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The Question is:

We operate a distributed VMS based environment with our systems seperated into
 Development, Acceptance and Production environments, with fairly rigorous
 procedures for releasing our own developed  software through each environment.
My question is how can implement configuration management for VMS and related
 layered products ?
To do this we will need to be able to determing the version of software running
 on a system.
Is there a product, tool, freeware available that will tell me what versions of
 critical components of VMS are running.
What patches we are running with ?
There used to be a tool which you could run, the output of which you would send
 to Digital/Compaq and information would be returned about the Patches you
 needed to apply.
This tool must have been able to gather this sort of information.
regards chris

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS FAQ has information on determining the OpenVMS ECOs
  that have been installed, determining the installed products and
  versions, etc.  (When searching the FAQ, please use the text
  download -- download the text-format FAQ, and SEARCH it.  In
  this case, please see "How can I tell what software (and version)
  is installed?", as well as other topics here in Ask The Wizard.)
  Contract support customers potentially have access to additional
  configuration tools, please contact your contract contact for
  assistance and options.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JUN-2002 )

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