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Replacement for SET UIC command?

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The Question is:

What command has replaced SET UIC?  I suspect it is a flavor of SET SECURITY
 but cannot work out the syntax.

The Answer is :

  SET UIC probably never did what you think it did, and what it
  actually did caused various problems.  Particularly with SPAWN,
  but also with other commands and other operations.
  SET UIC was derived from RSX-11M, and RSX has much simpler process
  structures and security structures.  SET UIC was never particularly
  enhanced past what was needed in RSX; the command was never
  integrated into OpenVMS nor into OpenVMS security.
  SET SECURITY may or may not be the mechanism used to eliminate
  the use of SET UIC in your environment.
  What problem are you seeking to address with SET UIC?  Put another
  way, without telling the OpenVMS Wizard what you want to do, the
  OpenVMS Wizard is left to guess.  (This is why the introduction
  to asking the wizard a question asks for specific details and for
  The specific mechanism used to replace SET UIC for most applications
  is the security identifier.  These can be assigned to images, to
  users, and to objects.
  Please review the security manual for details.
  There are third-party and Freeware tools that (attempt) to
  perform what most users believe SET UIC should have done, but
  these too can have problems.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will pass along a suggestion to the technical
  writer, asking that the documentation be extended in this area.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JUN-2002 )

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