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ACMS, TDMS, and I/O (HANGUP) Error?

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The Question is:

How do I trouble shoot this problem?  I see other errors on a regular basis as
 well and not sure what is happening or why.  User complains about being kicked
 out sometimes. It is possible the above error was caused by the user shutting
 down without exitin
g but the following errors are received frequently.
Type   : TASK      Time   : 24-JUN-2002 10:57:12.17
Appl   : JSRS_PROD
Task   : DPP051_TASK
User   : RFUSER
ID     : LYNVA1::00270038-00000001-A48A7860-00A0F65B
Sub    : LYNVA1::00270038-00000000-A48A7860-00A0F65B
Text   : Task canceled in Step START_OPTION in Task DPP051_TASK in Group JSRS_G
Cancel results from a TDMS error
%TSS-F-HANGUP, request terminated by a terminal hangup<LF>
<CR>-TSSFDV-E-IOR, terminal I/O error<LF>
<CR>-SYSTEM-F-HANGUP, data set hang-up

The Answer is :

  The HANGUP error implies CTRL/Y processing, or potentially a network
  communications, modem, or terminal server problem.
  Please contact the support center directly, as this problem is far too
  complex to resolve within this forum.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JUN-2002 )

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