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Reading COBOL COMP (Packed Decimal) Data?

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The Question is:

Within 'C' how do I read an RMS file created using cobol which has comp fields
 in it.

The Answer is :

  Reading the file is not a particular problem, files simply contain bytes
  of data.  Interpreting the packed decimal values from within a C program
  is the issue here, since C doesn't have native support for this data type.
  You can find data type conversion routines in the OTS$ library, or
  using the appropriate descriptors, LIB$CVT_DX_DX can convert between
  most data types.
  Alternatively, you could write your file access routines in COBOL and
  have the fields passed back into C in whatever data type you like, use
  COBOL to perform the conversions.
  If you can't use COBOL, you could choose another language that supports
  packed decimal.  (eg: BASIC.)
  Note however, that there are often very good reasons for choosing to
  use packed decimal to represent data, so you need to be careful in
  choosing the data type you convert into for C.  For example,
  calculations involving money should never be performed using floating
  point data types as floating point arithmetic is necessarily somewhat
  If you were to visit the AskQ website (<http://www.itrc.hp.com/service/james/CPQhome.do>) and
  use a query such as the following against the OpenVMS database:
    An example of packed decimal in C?
  You would find a C example of converting packed decimal to integer
  listed among the available answers.  There are various other examples
  available via AskQ; in the OpenVMS support database.  For sources of
  support programs and examples, please see the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-JUN-2002 )

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