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Seeking InfoServer Licenses?

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The Question is:

Related to Infoserver, Licenses,
Dear Wizard.
After setting up an Infoserver from scratch
(harddisk and cdrom missing) with the operating
system files provided in the freeware section
I am searching for key cd-roms to enable
more function as tghe already buildin VXT-server.
Do you know the reasons why this software is not part of freeware ?
There should be no commercial value because
hardware is phased out. Nevertheless OpenVMS
is available under hobbyist license condition
and has a high comm. value.
By the way, I never understood why ALPHA Firmware upgrades are downloadable,
 the same for VAX computers are NOT ?
Many thanks ...

The Answer is :

  Regarding InfoServer licenses.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of this, but does not (yet) have access
  to the tools needed to generate these other licenses.
  Regarding VAX firmware distributions.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of this, and has asked similar questions
  of one of the VAX platform business managers.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-JUN-2002 )

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