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Cause(s) of remote locking?

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The Question is:

What causes remote locking? and how to investigate it further

The Answer is :

  Remote lock requests are a component of the OpenVMS Distributed
  Lock Manager (DLM), and are synchronization operations that involve
  other cluster members.
  For a tool shipped with OpenVMS that can monitor the DLM, please see
  the MONITOR utility; please specifically see the MONITOR DLOCK command
  documentation.  Also please see the AMDS tool or the Availability
  Manager tool -- these two tools are licensed with and are shipped
  in directories on the OpenVMS CD-ROM distribution kit, though are
  separately installed.  The OpenVMS Wizard strongly encourages that
  one of these two tools be installed, configured, and be used by
  every OpenVMS site.  Both tools have DLM-related capabilities.
  For detailed (internal) information on locking, please see the
  Internals and Data Structures manual.  For user- or programmer-level
  documentation on the DLM, please see the Programming Concepts manual
  and the system services reference entries for services such as $enq,
  $deq, and $getlki.  For more information on clustering and on system
  performance, please see the clustering manuals and the performance
  Please contact the organization that supports the Robomon package
  for assistance with Robomon.  As stated in the introduction to
  asking a question of the OpenVMS Wizard, the OpenVMS Wizard is
  not in a position to provide any particular detailed information
  on, nor to provide support of, third-party products.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-JUL-2002 )

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