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Debugging SS$_EXQUOTA errors?

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The Question is:

When running a command file from program the "process quota exceeded" error is
 reported. The return value from the call to system() is SS$_EXQUOTA rather
 then one of the values between SS$_EXQUOTASTRT and SS$_EXQUOTAEND that
 describe specific quotas.
How do I figure out specifically WHICH QUOTA is being exceeded?
Once I have this information I will know what corrective action to take.

The Answer is :

  Assuming that you are not using an image with one of the (reserved)
  names TRACE, LIB$TRACE, DEBUG or LIB$DEBUG nor do you have any of
  these names defined as logical names, the image activation within
  the subprocess is apparently failing, very likely due to insufficient
  process quotas for the target image activation.
  You might find existing topics (1588), (3518) and (5747) of interest,
  as these discuss questions closely related to the SS$_EXQUOTA error.
  But regardless, the subprocess apparently lacks sufficient quota for
  the requested image activation (image bootstrap) operation -- given
  that this is a C system (lib$spawn) call occuring (and failing) from
  within a functioning image, the OpenVMS Wizard would specifically
  check the pooled process quotas (PGFLQUOTA is the most common).

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JUL-2002 )

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