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Meaning of invalid login? (INVLOGIN)

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The Question is:

I have three nodes and the one node running 7.2
can send mail to the vax 6.1 node prefixing the node name to the username but
 cannot send mail to the Alpha node. The vax 6.1 and alpha node node can send
 mail to all nodes using the node name. I checked the DECNET MAIL Object on
 each node and DECNET EXEC
UTOR CHARACTERISTICS and they match for all three nodes. The UAF entry for the
 Mail account looks OK. Why does this fail only for the one node trying to
 create a link to the Alpha?

The Answer is :

  The username and password specified in the NCP database (assuming
  DECnet Phase IV) entry for the MAIL object does not match a valid
  username and password pair in SYSUAF.  This is on the target node
  for the mail message.
  If this is a cluster, check the documentation for the settings
  of the MAIL$SYSTEM_FLAGS and for the prefered configuration of
  shared files.  See SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE on OpenVMS V7.2 and later
  for the list of shared files expected in clusters.  (Also, if t
  his is a cluster, the OpenVMS versions are spread far too far
  to be supported.)
  Please upgrade to more recent OpenVMS releases.  As of this
  writing, V7.3 is the current release.
 INVLOGIN,  login information invalid at remote node
  Facility:     SYSTEM, System Services
  Explanation:  An unsuccessful attempt was made to initiate a network logical
                link connection.
  User Action:  The access control string specified is incorrect. If default
                access control is used, notify the system manager that the
                network configuration database needs to be updated.
                This error can be returned if the specified access control
                string is not recognized (for example, no record in the UAF),
                or is too long, or contains invalid characters.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2002 )

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