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Interaction of AWSTIME and QUANTUM?

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The Question is:

If the sysgen parameter AWSTIME is lower than QUANTUM then in effect AWSTIME is
 equal to QUANTUM.  What is the effect of having AWSTIME greater than QUANTUM ?
  Does it mean that the WS pages never expire ?
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The Answer is :

       AWSTIME specifies the minimum amount of processor time that
       must elapse for the system to collect a significant sample of
       a working set's page fault rate. The time is expressed in units
       of 10 milliseconds. The default value of 20, for example, is 200
       Some application configurations that have a large number of
       memory-intensive processes may benefit if the value is reduced.
       The value can be as low as 4.
       AWSTIME expiration is checked only at quantum end. Reducing its
       value and not reducing QUANTUM effectively sets the value of
       AWSTIME equal to the value of QUANTUM.
       AWSTIME is a DYNAMIC parameter.
       QUANTUM defines the following:
       o  Processor time: maximum amount of processor time a process
          can receive before control passes to another process of equal
          priority that is ready to compute
       o  Balance set residency: minimum amount of service a compute-
          state process must receive before being swapped out to
          secondary storage
       QUANTUM has the DYNAMIC and MAJOR attributes. On Alpha systems,
       QUANTUM also has the AUTOGEN attribute.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JUL-2002 )

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