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security server not active? (SERVERNOTACTIVE)

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The Question is:

why do i receive this message upon entering
the command ... $show intrusion

The Answer is :

  Probably because the security server has been disabled?
  Some sites chose not to start the security server, and (if following
  the documentation) have also set the appropriate flags (bits 4 and 5,
  most commonly) within the SECURITY_POLICY system parameter that allow
  OpenVMS to operate without the security server active.
  The following command can be used to start the security server:
 SERVERNOTACTIVE,  security server is not active
  Facility:     SECSRV, Security Server
  Explanation:  A request was made of the security server but the server is
                not currently running.
  User Action:  Start the security server and retry the request.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JUL-2002 )

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