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Seeking BACKUP/IMAGE Documentation?

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The Question is:

I prepared an image backup of a data disk.  When I issued the above command to
 restore the image set to the disk, I got a immediate $ with no apparant
 activity or error.
I was using the system managers guide manual previously downloaded, but could
 not find any help for this issue.
How do I restore an image backup?

The Answer is :

  The procedures for performing a system BACKUP are explicitly
  documented in the System Manager's Manual, and explicit BACKUP
  command recommendations are listed in the System Management
  Utulities Manual section on BACKUP.
  In this case, it appears that messages are disabled (use the SET
  MESSAGE command to enable messages) and also that there are (as
  yet unreported) errors (that are not being displayed due to the
  current message setting), or that the saveset is (nearly) empty.
  The usual command for a BACKUP restoration from tape includes a
  specific /SAVE specification on the saveset, though the OpenVMS
  Wizard will here assume that MKB500: is mounted /FOREIGN and
  this that BACKUP will (correctly) assume that this device contains
  the saveset.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JUL-2002 )

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