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FTP and foreign file systems corrupt files?

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The Question is:

The sources of my application are on the Alpha (running Open-VMS). I would like
 to edit them on my PC (running Windows NT4). I have a ftp server on both ends,
 so I can ftp to/from both ends. I have tried all, but my source files always
 get corrupted. Espe
cially the newline characters disappear. I'm using VIM on my PC, which usually
 can handle files pretty good, so I don't think that's the problem.
My colleages also report problems with files that get corrupted when they are
 ftp'ed to the Alpha's.
Can you tell me what the cause is of this problem ??

The Answer is :

  Please donot ask the OpenVMS Wizard questions on other platforms,
  please instead contact a platform-specific Wizard for assistance.
  The OpenVMS Wizard expects this is an incompatibility between
  the sequential file formats -- this could be as simple as an
  incorrect sequential file setting on the file arriving from the
  remote system (sometimes resolvable using SET FILE/ATTRIBUTES,
  sometimes with CONVERT/FDL), or this could be a problem with the
  low-level sequential file format created on the remote system.
  Copy the file over to the target system and immediately back,
  and check the file format -- this will help isolate the problem
  to the FTP (ASCII mode) file transfer, to the remote platform
  and its file system and/or FTP tools, or to the tools.  If this
  appears to be the tools, you will need to investigate the specific
  file format attributes available for saving the file, and the
  specific low-level sequential file format created.  (Microsoft
  Windows systems are known to create very long records in
  expectation of performing the necessary text justification
  upon display, and the OpenVMS Wizard recommends use of the
  MS-DOS with line breaks format, if available.)
  VILE and other text editors are available on OpenVMS, and it may be
  simpler to acquire and use a terminal emulator.
  Please consult a platform-specific Wizard for all further assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JUL-2002 )

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