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Hardware question on UNSUPPORTED -a series?

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The Question is:

 Did the DEC Alpha workstation 500a have a SCSC
controller ?

The Answer is :

  The Personal Workstation 500a is not supported by OpenVMS.
  For details and for additional supporting information, please see
  other discussions of the -a series here in the Ask The Wizard area,
  discussions in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and
  please note the omission of this system (and all other members of
  the -a series) from the list of supported systems included in the
  OpenVMS Software Product Description (SPD).
  If you wish to research hardware configurations for older systems,
  please review the pointers included in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked
  Questions (FAQ) document.  Specifically, the Systems and Options
  Catalog (SOC) archive pointer that is included in the FAQ.
  Per the SOC Archives, the Personal Workstation 500a series generally
  included an integrated QLogic Wide UltraSCSI controller.
  Again, this system IS NOT supported by OpenVMS, and there are no
  plans to add support.  There are hardware differences between
  at least some of the supported -au series and the unsupported -a
  series systems -- there are hardware differences between some
  of the unsupported members of the -au series and the supported
  -au members, as well.  (The FAQ discusses one of the more common
  differences in this latter case, the IDE interface hardware.)

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2002 )

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