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How To Find Documentation? (Privileges)

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The Question is:

No errors or problems to report, just a question:
I'm trying to learn more about privileges used in the SYSUAF.  For now I'm most
 interested in SYSNAM and SYSPRV (so someone can set others' email forwarding
 addresses and create new accounts, resp).  The manuals don't go into any
 detail as to exactly what
 someone w/ those (or any of the other privileges) is able to do.  Is there a
 list of privileges along w/ detailed descriptions and examples, anywhere?

The Answer is :

  Short answer to "what can a user do with SYSNAM or SYSPRV?":  Anything.
  These and other privileges are described in some detail in the security
  manual.  Please start there.
  These and any other ALL-class privileges permit the holder to perform
  ANY activities, either directly or through privileges easily accessable
  to any user possessing any of the ALL privileges.
  If you are unsure of the location of the documentation for a particular
  OpenVMS construct, feature, mechanism, or term, please familiarize
  yourself with the OpenVMS Master Index Manual.  The Master Index is
  the key to finding the location(s) of relevent documentation within
  the OpenVMS documentation set, without resorting to a search engine.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2002 )

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