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SCSI bus polling error?

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The Question is:

Recently i bought a alpha 1000. It had windows nt installend and the disks rz29
 were whiped they said.
So i went to the store and tried to test the alpha. Noticed that the UW scci
 connectors were removed from the disk backplane.
Reconnected them and in the srm console booted the alpha.
After the selftest the system did not come to the >>> srm prompt but gave the
 error "waiting for pka0,7,0,2000,0 to poll"
Even if i remove the disks the same error poped up, endlesly.
I connected the normal scci connector from the cdrom rrz45 to the disk backlane
 and only one disk was seen.
When i remove the UW connector all's well.
What is wrong. Be-ing a student and whant to learn more of openvms and can't
 afford to spend money on systems that are defected.
please some advice

The Answer is :

  The SCSI bus configuration is apparently invalid, or the system has a
  controller or storage hardware error.  You know this already, of course.
  You have not provided sufficient detail on the configuration to diagnose
  this problem -- which is certainly not unexpected, as SCSI hardware and
  configuration errors are exceedingly difficult to diagnose remotely,
  and the necessary information on unit assignments, device details, SCSI
  bus length, and termination is fairly detailed.
  As you indicate you cannot afford formal support, you will want to avail
  yourself of resources referenced in the FAQ, as well as the available
  newsgroups, as well as any support and any information that can be
  provided by the seller.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-JUL-2002 )

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