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Troubleshooting DECconnect (MMJ) wiring?

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The Question is:

What mmj cable is required to connect a VT420 to the console port?  I am trying
 to use a BC16E, but I get nothing on screen.
thanks in advance

The Answer is :

  The BC16E series is the core cable used within most DECconnect
  serial cabling, and is the appropriate cable here.
  Please see the discussions of wiring pinouts and adapters in the
  OpenVMS FAQ, as well as discussions of the console port settings
  required on most VAX systems.
  While troubleshooting wiring, access to test equipment -- a breakout
  box or serial line analyzer or such -- is invaluable.
  If you are seeing nothing and have the correct serial line enabled
  in the VT420 (various VT420 terminals had different I/O connections,
  and there is also a set-up screen for selecting the communications
  port), and if the VAXstation 4000 model 300 is functional and is
  set to the serial console port, then you likely have faulty wiring
  or a faulty cable.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-JUL-2002 )

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