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Disabling DECwindows Startup?

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The Question is:

In the process of upgrading to OpenVMS 7.3x.  I am in need of the correct
 console boot option to disable the activation of the DecWindows Motif Console.
I have installed a VT terminal (w/ printer attached) and when I go to boot off
 the CD, the console switch over to the Motif console.
What console options need to be changed to stop this from happening.  I have
 found that at the "P00>>>" prompt, when performing a SHOW that the console is
 set to graphics.  What is the value for a non-graphic console device?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions sections entitled "Why is
  DECwindows Motif not starting?" and "How do I boot an AlphaStation
  with out monitor or keyboard?" will be of will be of interest here,
  as these sections describe how to correctly disable DECwindows.
  In particular, "Why is DECwindows Motif not starting?" describes
  how to check for a DECwindows system that has been disabled via
  the associated logical name or via the WINDOW_SYSTEM parameter.
  DECwindows is a layered product, and is optionally run on OpenVMS.
  By default, OpenVMS does attempt to start DECwindows -- but as
  mentioned, the OpenVMS FAQ does describe how to correctly disable
  this automatic startup.
  Neither the SRM console nor the OpenVMS console terminal use of the
  graphics hardware requires that DECwindows be present.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-JUL-2002 )

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