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Disk Volume Structure Errors? (IDXHDRBAD)

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The Question is:

problem when mounting disk, is there any
workaround to this problem without initializing
the disk ???

The Answer is :

  If this disk were used by the OpenVMS Wizard, the OpenVMS Wizard would
  already be performing what you seek to avoid; the disk BACKUP/IMAGE,
  the necessary research into the integrity of the storage hardware, and
  (as needed) the volume restoration.  The question is not whether or not
  this particular error can be repaired, the question is whether or not
  the volume is failing and/or the file structure is corrupt, and whether
  or not you have a current and complete BACKUP of the volume should it
  be failing.
  As has been mentioned, please apply the available mandatory ECO kits
  for OpenVMS, and please move to an OpenVMS Alpha release with either
  Standard Support or Prior Version Support available.  For details on
  finding ECO ratings and on finding supported releases and for details
  of the releases in Standard Support or in Prior Version Support status,
  please see the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-JUL-2002 )

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