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TCP/IP (NIC) Interface Reconfiguration?

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The Question is:

Good Morning,
The interface WE1 is the rest of an old real
network card. It had been removed since one year but there's still an interface
 WE1 with local IP address
When I do the command $ucx show interface, I don't see this interface but I've
 got quite the same errors at boot and when I stop and restart
TCP/IP service.
In the ucx$configuration.dat, I can see a line containing WE1 and
 just under lines containing WE0 and LO0.
Can I safely delete this line ?
Best Regards,

The Answer is :

  Please consider reconfiguration of TCP/IP Services, using the provided
  command procedure.  (The OpenVMS Wizard does not normally recommend
  direct modifications to any configuration data files underneath any
  product, unless such access is specifically and explicitly documented.)
  The command attempted accesses the volatile database, and is correctly
  producing an error if there is no current device.  The command needed
  modifications to the static (also known as the permanent) database
  Your TCP/IP Services version is woefully outdated, and is not and was
  not recommended for use on any V7.* OpenVMS release.  The (older)
  recommended minimum version for OpenVMS V7.* was V4.2, and the current
  version recommendation is a V5.* release.)  Please move to a supported
  configuration of TCP/IP Services.
  For Standard Support and for Prior Version Support (PVS) dates and
  details, please search for the string "PVS" or "support" within the
  OpenVMS FAQ, as a URL is available there.  The referenced webpage
  contains support details of various product versions -- those that
  have PVS offerings -- and support schedules.
  The OpenVMS FAQ also has pointers to the current TCP/IP Services
  product documentation website.  The management command reference
  will be of particular interest here, as will the management manual.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JUL-2002 )

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