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Debugging BASIC Memory Management Violation?

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The Question is:

Does XFC cause file corruption or process failure?

The Answer is :

  Please do not attempt to debug or to diagnose XFC.  This is far too
  complex a task for this forum.
  Regardless of your BAS-F-MEMMANVIO error, please disable XFC pending
  the installation of the XFC V2.0 ECO, or later.  Again, please
  immediately switch from XFC to VIOC/VCC on OpenVMS Alpha V7.3, pending
  the installation of the XFC V2.0 ECO kit, or of a subsequent ECO kit,
  or of a subsequent OpenVMS Alpha release.
  To disable XFC, set the system parameter VCC_FLAGS to the value 1.
  This will switch from XFC caching to VIOC caching.
  This XFC information applies specifically to and only to the OpenVMS
  Alpha V7.3 release.
  As for debugging application run-time problems, please see topics
  starting with (7552) and (1661) -- you will want to use a systematic
  approach to debugging and resolving run-time problem(s).  This
  specifically includes checking for common coding problems and common
  errors, and the use of the OpenVMS debugger and application traceback
  mechanisms and (to interprete traceback stacks) listings files and maps,
  and (in cases of non-trivial applications) integrated debugging support.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-AUG-2002 )

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