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Seeking Example Programming Code?

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The Question is:

I need to do socket programming using Compaq Pascal and OpenVMS System Services.
I'm using the manual "Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS - Sockets APY and
 System Services Programming", but all examples are in C.  All mention of
 pascal in this manual is the definition file TCPIP$INETDEF.PAS.
Is there any documentation covering tcp/ip socket programming in Compaq Pascal
 using system services?   Do you have any working examples?

The Answer is :

  Please visit the OpenVMS portion of the AskQ support website referenced
  in the OpenVMS FAQ, and enter the following query:
   "An example of calling tcp/ip sockets in Pascal?"
  The OpenVMS Wizard strongly encourages you learn more about the OpenVMS
  calling standard, and how Pascal uses the calling standard.  From this
  and from some core Pascal coding examples in the Pascal (or COBOL or
  Fortran or C or Macro32 or other programming) documentation, you can
  then learn how to call any system service and most application
  programming interfaces.
  With TCP/IP Services, you will probably be using the $qio interface.
  The IP socket interface is specifically designed for calls written
  in C -- while other languages can (potentially) mimic the C calls, it
  is generally easier to use the $qio interface -- and examples of
  calling $qio and of services with similar argument constructs are
  readily available.
  Sould you not be familiar with AskQ or similar and/or should you not
  be familiar with finding references within the OpenVMS FAQ, please
  use the OpenVMS FAQ URL link available at the Ask The Wizard site.
    o Open the text-format version of the OpenVMS FAQ.
    o Search the text-format document for the string "askq".
    o Visit the specified URL.
    o Enter a search query similar to the following:
      An example of calling tcp/ip sockets in Pascal?
    o Review the results displayed by the Natural Language Search
      Assistant (AskQ) tool.
  The OpenVMS FAQ section entitled:
    Can I have a source code example of calling...?
  can also be of interest, and also points to the AskQ tool.
  The OpenVMS Wizard tends to reference the OpenVMS FAQ for URLs, and
  for other resourses and such, as that document tends to see (more)
  regular updates and tends to remain more current than the references
  found in the older responses and topics here in Ask The Wizard.  The
  current edition of the FAQ is also easily downloaded and searched --
  particularly the text-format edition -- and is thus a useful local
  reference resource.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-FEB-2004 )

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