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DECamds and NIC selection?

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The Question is:

What network card is used? I have 3 cards in a node and can't find the node on
 avail manager.
Iv'e switched the manager machine between the different networks but no
Is there a default network card thats default?

The Answer is :

  Define the logical name AMDS$DEVICE to reference the prefered device,
  Per the appendix of the DECamds manual, this logical permits you to
  specify the first LAN device.  The order of devices DECamds looks for
  is listed as follows: AMDS$DEVICE, FXA0, XEA0, XQA0, EFA0, ETA0, ESA0,
  EXA0, EZA0, FCA0, ECA0.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-SEP-2002 )

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