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C Compiler ECO Availability?

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The Question is:

We would like to get patches for DEC C v5.6. Unfortunatelly we did not manage
 find any patches for this version of DEC C. The closest patches we found
 relate to DEC C v5.7. Our question: are there patches for v5.6 or may we
 implement patches related to v5
..7 for v5.6? Is there a possibility to get somehow (download)totally new
 version (say 5.7 or 6.0) without changing our license or is it coupled with
 the necessity to acqiure some new licence?

The Answer is :

  V5.6 is quite old, and has a number of limitations.  Please upgrade.
  One of the salient changes was to the underlying code generator.  C
  compilers prior to V6.0 include a code generator which can potentially
  generate code that is not compliant with the Alpha architecture; code
  can be generated that cannot correctly execute on Alpha EV6 and later
  Alpha microprocessors.
  C compiler kits and C ECO kits are not normally made available for
  (unrestricted) download, as these are usually complete distribution
  kits.  When C ECO kits are available, these kits can generally be
  downloaded by contract support customers.  There is no ECO kit for
  the aforemented compiler code generation problem; a compiler version
  upgrade is required.
  For information on your OpenVMS licenses and on your current software
  support, please contact your reseller or your HP sales representative.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-AUG-2002 )

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