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Device Names, Logicals? Text Search and Replace?

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The Question is:

System disk
 I have to move my system disk to another bus in fact it's a raid controller.
 Is there a com file or another method to point all my hard coded and sofe code
 files from dkb0: to dra2: if not is there a way just to print the current
my thanks

The Answer is :

  You could continue with your current approach of physical naming, or
  you could move to the use of logical names.   The latter is recommended.
  If you wish to use the current approach, the fastest solution is to
  define the old device as a logical name, and the translation being
  the new device.  (This works in most cases, but this assumes that
  the old device has been removed from the configuration or is otherwise
  not used by the processes and users working with the new device.)
  If you want a text search-and-replace tool, the various options have
  been discussed before here in the Ask The Wizard area.
  The OpenVMS Wizard STRONGLY DISCOURAGES the use of and the inclusion of
  physical device names whenever logical names can be used.  The OpenVMS
  Wizard encourages you to take this opportunity to "root out" existing
  references to physical device names, not so much for this configuration
  change, but for the next one.  Salient among the available logical
  names are those created by MOUNT, specifically the DISK$volumelabel
  logical name and (if the user requests it) the logical name parameter
  that is also available on the MOUNT command.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-AUG-2002 )

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