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SMTP mail return-receipt request?

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The Question is:

I send a mail to an ovms smtp mail server from my client (MS Exchange) and I
 want to receive notification that it was successfully delivered and as well
 successfully read. ( I think it is something like DSN-delivery status
 notification).   Is it possible
with ucx4.2 , and with DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V5.0A ?
Thank You !

The Answer is :

  You are not sending mail from the client, you are sending
  from the Microsoft Exchange server, via an SMTP gateway; via
  an SMTP connector.  That said...
  OpenVMS and various other SMTP implementations do not provide
  this mechanism.  (Would you really want the email spammers that
  are endemic on the network to have a trivially easy way to confirm
  that the target of the spam is a valid email address?)

answer written or last revised on ( 11-SEP-2002 )

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